Things to Check before Deciding on Quitting Your Job

When you are not happy at your current job or are just feeling restless and under-appreciate, the thing that pops into your mind most often is that the best option would be to quit your job. In such scenarios, just the thought of quitting your job makes you feel happier and in control of your life. Quitting Job Check List

We all have been there and have often felt the uncontrollable urge to leave the job. However, the bottom line is that quitting your job just like that takes a lot of courage and faith. You don’t only have to quit your regular job, you also have to make sure that the decision you make is right. The decision to quit your job can be quite confusing and one has to think carefully before making the final call.

Before you make the decision to quit the job, you need to make absolutely sure that you are making the right decision. Here are a few things you need to check before you decide to take the huge step:

How Long Have You Been Working At the Company?

The first thing that you need to analyze when you are thinking of quitting the job is the time you have spent working at the current company. For anyone to be able to judge the feasibility of staying on at a job, he has to spend at least 2 years with that company.  If you have worked at a company for only 3 to 6 months and are thinking of quitting, you need to be patient and invest more time in the company. You are only getting settled at the company in the first 6 months and are just learning the ropes. To make an informed decision as huge as quitting your job which can affect your career, you need to make sure that you have spent ample time with an organization and are confident that leaving the job is the best option.

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10 toxic character types you’ll meet on the job

You know that obnoxious, manipulative, picked-last kid you used to play with? He’s all grown up and making life miserable for his boss and co-workers now.

No doubt you’ve run across the kid who doesn’t play well with others. There’s the kid who cheats in sports. There’s the neighbor who came up with bizarre ways to play Monopoly and claims “house rules” so he can win. Those kids eventually grow up and, unfortunately, may haul their interpersonal baggage with them.

In a previous article, I listed 10 things that define a true professional. It is a pleasure working with professionals. It is a pain having to work with adults who behave like children and who are disguised as professionals. Think of the 10 toxic character types listed below as the antithesis of the true professional.

1: The poor sport

Just like the kid who picks up the football and goes home, the poor sport sulks and runs away, or threatens to. He is angry and hasn’t gotten his way so what better way to punish those involved than to remove himself from the game? In this kind of game, everyone loses.

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Dealing with a Negative Work Environment

Having a positive work environment is extremely important if you want to give your best at work. If you are working in a negative environment, it not only brings down your productivity but also has an effect on your motivation level. While most of us hope that we will be provided with a healthy and positive working environment, not all of us are that lucky.negative workforce

Sometime you might find yourself trapped in a negative environment which is detrimental to the quality of work and the management might not be doing anything to change the circumstance. So what can you do in such circumstances? It is not an option to leave the job as the job market in Pakistan is already tough and those who have a job want to keep holding on to their jobs. The best option in such a situation is to make some effort of your own to create a positive working environment which will boost your productivity.

Here are a few tried and tested methods which can help in building a positive atmosphere, minimizing negativity and boosting your overall morale:

Establish Trust:

The most important aspect of having a positive working relationship is establishing a bond of trust between yourself and the other employees. If you lie to them and act as an office gossip no one will be able to trust you and as a result you have to work in a negative environment where no one trusts you and will not share anything with you. Try to be as honest as possible and do not gossip about your colleagues as it creates a negative impression on others.

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Is the Apple iPad 2 Right for Your Business?

Updated tablet comes with new functions like built-in videoconferencing, but lacks several key features.

Is iPad 2 right for your business

Slimmer, lighter and faster than its predecessor, Apple’s iPad 2 comes to market with a number of new improvements that might come in handy for small-business owners. The new tablet also falls short in several key areas. Entrepreneurs will need to weigh the pros and cons before determining if this second-generation iPad is the right fit for their business.

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